Wong Tai Sin Temple – A Fortune Teller’s Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple – A Fortune Teller’s Temple

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a renowned religious sanctuary determined as a “fortune teller’s temple” launched in 1921. This temple is positioned in near proximity to the Lion Rock north of Kowloon in Hong Kong and is just just one of the city’s most valued and treasured factors of fascination. The temple appeals to a quantity of sightseers from all about the world that are enthusiastic about the electric power of this fantastic temple.

This shrine was crafted as a determination to the good holy Wong Chuping. The wonderful immortal Wong was a scholar of Taosim till he realized the point out of enlightenment and produced himself an immortal human staying. He then was named Wong Tai Sin and he lived on as a servant of his great God. Wong referred to as on quite a few individuals that have been suffering from evil, demise, wounded or dishonesty and healed them. His energy and mercy confirmed that the made the decision on would be granted in anyway it is that they wished for. The temple now nevertheless stands as a monastery and a spot wherever fortunes are educated and needs are despatched.

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Hundreds of locals and intercontinental sightseers are located gathered with choices and joss sticks, kneeling prior to the altar and buying their fortunes stated to. At the temple, sightseers will find out quite a few fortune tellers in several locations awaiting a devotee’s ask for. There are fortune tellers that examine your encounter, palm and intellect.

Thanks to the temples historical and vintage relevance, it was classified as a Grade II historic creating. The temple that sprawls across eighteen, 000 sq. meters presents quite a several attractions and other restored artefacts from the time of the revered Wong Tai Sin. The temple functions typical Chinese architecture at the entrance and in just the generating. The grand pink pillars are a wonderful sight at the temple and the roof is crafted employing golden roofing sheets, multi-coloured carvings and vibrant latticework can also be located. The backyard garden of the temple homes a large courtyard that capabilities a plethora of fountains.

Attendees to the temple will be shocked when they glimpse for out the 9 Dragon Wall attraction and the big portray of Wong Tai San that stands tall at the foremost central altar of the shrine. Other attractions listed here include a selection of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian literature, portraits of revered Taoist’s, The A few-Saint Corridor, Daxiong-baodian Grand Corridor, Shansheng Hall and the Wonderful Need Back backyard garden.

At the temple grounds, sightseers can obtain an array of memorial archways, fortuneteller stalls, the Bronze Pavilion (Serving as the resting flooring for Wong Tai Sin), the Sik Sik Yuen Memorial Corridor, the Confucian Corridor and the Yue Heung Shrine are amongst the quite a few wonderful attractions down below

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